Tracks and sessions for the conference on “Technologies for Future Cities”
Software Technologies
Coordinator: Dr. Madhumita Chatterjee, PCE
Systems for Future Cities
Coordinator: Dr. Priam Pillai, PCE
Software for Urban Planning, 3D modeling, Urban Land Management, Urban UtilitiesCommunication Systems
GIS and Remote SensingPower Generation and Distribution Systems
Crowdsourcing DataEmbedded and Automation Systems
Digital Image and Video ProcessingTransportation Systems
Use of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Information SecurityDisaster Management and Early Warning Systems
Use of Information and Communication (ICT) TechnologiesWater Supply, Sanitation, Pollution Control, Healthcare, Infrastructure
Waste Management
Real Time Monitoring
Supply Chain Management
Hardware Technologies
Coordinator: Prof. Monika Bhagwat, PCE
Policies and Governance for Future Cities
Coordinator: Dr. Satish Nair, PIMSR
Home AutomationUrban Planning
Electric Vehicles, Self-driving CarIntegrated Water Management System including Sewage
Controls, Instrumentation and RoboticsMass Transport Links and an Efficient and Environment Friendly Transport System including Maintenance of Roads
Smart Devices, VLSI, Sensors and ActuatorsServices such as Power Supply, HVAC&R, Waste Management, Disaster Management, Efficient Police, Cyber Security
Non-conventional Energy Sources, Energy Storage, AC and DC SuppliesInfrastructure Management and Facilitation of Good Healthcare, Education and Sports
Smart StructuresFinancial Inclusion
Green Buildings
Materials for Future Cities
Coordinator: Dr. Divya Padmanabhan, PCE
Smart Materials
Environmental Friendly Materials
New Construction Materials
Recycling and Efficient Use of Materials